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EELHOE Herbal Varicose Vein Relief & Vein Care Cream,Spider Veins, Varicose Vein Treatment Lotion For Legs & Body(50g)

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Vein Care Cream

 Regain the flawlessness and smoothness of your legs in no time! Have the most natural and effective way to eliminate varicose, spider veins, and leg swelling with this Vein Care Fading Cream!

 Varicose Treatment Cream


❤️Take a look at our customers who have got relief from varicose vein pain from using EELHOE Varicose Veins Cream:

Varicose Treatment Cream

“I am a sitter and needed something to improve blood circulation through the body. Instead of taking separate products like chestnut and hawthorn I take just this EELHOE Varicose Veins Cream. Love it because it works and it is very easy to use. I’m on my second, will keep buying and recommend it to others.”

Gloria J. Kistner

Phoenix, United States



 RENEW Varicose Veins Cream

While you may have heard of the Varicose veins, it’s something that few people truly understand. It is a common problem, with over 30 per cent of the adults are estimated to suffer from this disease. Varicose veins are swollen, twisted blood vessels that bulge just under your skin’s surface. These blue or purple bulges usually appear in your legs, feet and ankles. Vein walls and valves can become weak for several reasons, including the aging process, excess weight, restrictive clothing and standing for long periods etc. They are known to cause symptoms such as pain, itchy skin, leg cramps and swelling in the feet and ankles.




The EELHOE Varicose Veins Cream is contains Sophora,Phellodendron,Angelica,

Safflower and other plant-based extracts that soothe and relieve inflammation, pain of swollen veins, swelling of lower limbs, itching, burning, clogged dermatitis and ulcers, etc. “Patient used the cream in the affected area were able to recover 60% varicose veins in the first 4 weeks and with continued use up to 12 weeks can recover more than 95% of the varicose veins.” says Adam B. Levitt, M.D., a board certified vascular surgeon at Vascular Specialists of Central Florida.


❤️❤️Consist of 2 Key Ingredients For Relief from Varicose Vein : 

  1. SophoraExtract
  2. Safflower


According to Raman Madan, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Huntington Hospital. “Sophora japonica is effective options for relieving the symptoms of varicose veins, helping to reduce their visibility“. Sophora japonica, otherwise known as Japanese pagoda tree, is native to eastern China and Japan. Its beautiful white flowers make it a prized ornamental tree all over the world. But, it’s not only beautiful, it’s also very beneficial to the circulatory system. Sophora japonica has a documented history of being used to promote optimal vein health and it’s actually one of the fifty fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Sophora japonica contains two potent flavonoids, troxerutin and oxymatrine, which exhibit strong antioxidant activity and have repeatedly been shown to support circulatory system health. Oxymatrine is known to help reduce the swelling associated with unhealthy blood vessels.




Safflower botanically known as Carthamus tinctorius is an annual plant. It belongs to the Asteraceae family. The stems are upright and stiff which bears yellow to red flowers. The leaves are long and spiny.The decoction alleviates varicose veins, blood stasis patterns, leg and feet numbness, poor blood circulation and bruising.In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Safflower falls under the category of ‘Herbs that invigorate the blood’. This herb can stimulate blood flow and treat Blood Stagnation. Warm in nature, Safflower can help people who have too much Cold in their body, such as those experiencing a Yin Excess or a Yang Deficiency, to restore a harmonious yin-yang balance.Safflower can dispel mass, unblock blood vessels and resolve swelling too. Hence, the herb can address symptoms such as abdominal masses, obstruction of heart vessels and angina pectoris, traumatic injuries, congestion, sores, abscess, swelling and pain. Safflower can also help to relieve numbness in hands, joint pain or paralysis.

VeinRelief Varicose Treatment Cream

EELHOE Varicose Veins Cream is formulated to dramatically diminish the appearance of varicose veins up to 97% in just 4 weeks. Absorbed deeply into the skin to reduce the swelling of varicose veins by toning-up and strengthening the walls of the dilated vein and damaged valves. As the varicose veins shrinks, there is also a reduction in swelling and pain resulting in the reduction of the appearance of lumpy veins.


Research published in the Journal of the American Association of Diabetes in 2004 that based on the evidence, EELHOE Varicose Veins Cream have potential to reduce the appearance and swelling of varicose veins by improving blood flow and circulation. The study was performed in the Private Yeni Hayat Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Polyclinic with 74 participants. 92% of the participants with varicose vein problem who applied EELHOE Varicose Veins Cream, were found to increase the effect of conservative treatment and meaningfully decrease symptoms, pain, anxiety levels and vanished the appearance of veins, without causing any side effects.

❤️❤️What makes EELHOE Varicose Veins Cream your best choice

  • Rapidly vanishes the appearance of twisted, broken & enlarged veins
  • Reduce swollen veins and muscles
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Reduces pain and stiffness
  • Visible result in 4 weeks
  • Clinically formulated & tested
  • Plump skin with deep hydration to moisturize damaged skin
  • Infused with nature and effective ingredients



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 ❤️1. Use a hot towel to warm your legs

❤️2. Take a proper amount of this cream and apply it to the discomfort area.

❤️3. Always massage legs & feet from the bottom in upwards movements, to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the load on the veins.

❤️4. Apply with gentle massage 3-5 times a day.

❤️5. Massage until absorbed.

❤️6. Keep using it to get better effect.



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